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track 2: "Ron Miles" is dedicated to its namesake, one of my favorite trumpet players. There are 4 sections that cycle around here.

First @ 0:18 is a duet between Rob's shifty basslines and Oscar wailing on guitar (in the rough recording you can hear me shout "YEEEAH!" when the guitar comes in...there was some debate over whether we should keep the shout or not, but in the end modesty prevailed).

The second part @ 1:23 is a very quiet reversed loop of a guitar chorale---expertly edited by Teddy Kumpel to swell up into the forefront. Later in the piece Peter and Jeff improvise over it.

Third is the melody @ 2:05. This is my best attempt to capture the warmth and romance of Ron's trumpet sound, and is followed by a textural foil in my very processed trumpet solo. We worked hard to balance the acrid electronic sound with a lush rhythm section, which I think the soft touch of Jeff's brushes really hit dead on.

Fourth @ 5:39 the melody returns but is usurped by Rob's bass solo in a few different chunks. When listening back to this part in the control room, the entire band had their jaws dropped in awe of the gorgeous tone and crafting of lines Rob gave us. We affectionately nicknamed this the "Steve Swallow" section. The end is a recapitulation of the melody with a little bit of mixed meter and improvising.


from The World Has Time to Bloom, track released February 1, 2011



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Jesse Neuman and WOLF FACE New York

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